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CT State Chess Association 2021 Scholastic Club of the Year










Here are some basics and key points for this coming year:


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Riverfield Chess Club is partnering with DIG

to provide after-school chess programming

for our members!

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For anyone looking for a replay of the chess lessons for players new and old, please find helpful links here:


1. This link explains the chess pieces:


2. This link explains how to set up the chess board:


3. This link explains basic piece movement and game strategy:


4. Matt Tuccillo recorded the Riverfield Beginners Class posted to a YouTube channel. The 5-session live class translated into 7 videos covering all the same topics as the live class - for each video, click "more" in the description field to see the specific subjects covered.  If your child misses any live sessions this month, or if you want to review anything at home, these videos are a good way to do it.  Please excuse pandemic appearance.  Here is the (non-public) link to the full class:




What is chess? Chess is a time-honored game (dating back 1,500 years!) that teaches kids critical thinking, strategy, competition, and sportsmanship – skills they can use throughout their lives. Once learned, it becomes a lifelong love, something they can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone, at any age.

What is Chess Club? Entering our 25th year, we are an extra-curricular club activity at Riverfield, overseen by parent volunteers, offering instruction and game play in a fun and safe environment for our kids. Our main goals are developing critical thinking skills, building confidence and self-esteem, experiencing competition and sportsmanship, and having fun! Have we mentioned that Riverfield Chess Club was named CT State Chess Association 2021 Scholastic Club of the Year?!


- Beginner members take a 5-week chess class to begin the program. 

- Game play follows the following format: 

- Grade Level Fall World-Cup Themed Round Robin Tournament

    - Winter Tournament (Format TBD)

    - Grade Level Harry Potter House Cup-Themed Year-End Tournament

- Students are offered optional chess problems corresponding to their level of experience each week to further develop their special reasoning skills and chess tactics.

- We will host other fun-filled chess activities such as an optional “Chess Team” tournament with other local schools, a “Girls who Checkmate Class”, and a chess exchange with our sister school, Cesar Batalla, in Bridgeport.


Riverfield Chess Club generally competes at 1 or more external (optional) chess tournaments such as the NECA Tournament in Stamford in February.

Who can join? Chess Club is open to everyone in grades 1 through 5, at any skill level, from “I have no idea what chess is” to children wanting to compete in external state tournaments. We offer something for everyone.  There were 90 Chess Club members last year and we hope for a fun big group again this year! 

Please contact David Thal, Parent Leader, at DAVID.THAL@GMAIL.COM with any questions.