The Green Team




Riverfield is excited to announce that students will soon be composting their food waste in the cafeteria! 5th graders will be the first to try out the new system which will separate lunch waste into compost, recycling, and trash.

Stay tuned for more information about how parents can help and check out the town link below and infographics for more information about why composting is so important.








The Riverfield Green Team wants you to know about an opportunity to

recycle unwanted textiles while fundraising for the PTA!  


There is a textile recycling bin located in the Riverfield parking lot (left side) just as you exit. So as we are cleaning out closets and organizing, please feel free to drop off unwanted items here.

  • Items that are still in good condition will be donated and reused.
  • Items not good enough to donate, may still be dropped in the bin for recycling (think: stained clothes, worn out shoes, ripped linens & towels, even stuffed animals!) Click here to see the many ways these items are repurposed
  • Please just be sure that all items are bagged securely. 

Riverfield PTA earns $100 per ton of textiles collected!

You can see a full list of what is and what is not accepted here 


Questions or want to get involved? Please contact Emma Kaye ( or

Nicola LaRiccia (