Purchase your yearbook today! Books are $16 and come personalized

with your child’s portrait and name on the cover.

Books will be delivered to school in June. 

Deadline to order is 4/4!


Purchase here 

Yearbook ID: 13195323


If you need to purchase with a check or cash,

please email us at 

If you have financial concerns, please contact the school office directly. 


5th grade only- please submit your child’s baby picture!

Send to:



Retake photos automatically override the original photo

taken in the yearbook. 


If you DO NOT want your Retake Photo in the yearbook

and you want the original picture day photo

please let us know!  

We have been made aware some children took photos that were not

wanted by the parents and we are trying to avoid any errors in the yearbook.



We are still looking for pictures! Any first day, Walkathon,

school spirit days, Halloween, holiday, special grade events,

field trips, school clubs or activities, playground photos

that you can send our way.

Pictures must be of current RFLD students only and have something to do with school,

meaning pictures should be taken at Riverfield with the exceptions

being things like first day, field trips, and club events. 


Our goal is to get all students represented if possible



There are two ways to send us pictures throughout the year:

1. Our Shutterfly site (which is the preferred method)

***Please note: since we do not want anyone being able to access our pictures, you will need to be approved before you can upload to the site. Once you follow the above link, directions will be there*** There are folders for each grade, activities, etc.


2. Our email address

5th grade only: You will be receiving an email in early February asking for a baby picture. This is an annual tradition in the Riverfield yearbook and we aim for the entire grade to be included. 

We appreciate your support and help along the way! We are always looking for more hands, so if you are interested please let us know and if you ever have any questions, feel free to email us at our school address: 

Thank you,
Becky Manatch, Kate Kennedy & Sarah Porco