Rocky’s Roadrunners Fall 2023


We’re back! 


Help your child be more focused academically, feel better about themselves, stay fit &

exercise with friends and/or family members…


Weekly Rocky’s Roadrunners meetings will take place Monday mornings at 8:15 a.m.

beginning September 18th “running” through November 6th.


We will meet on the backfield behind the gym and get students checked in before they run,

walk, crawl or skip. Movement is the name of the game. Standing around is for the Statue Club,

not our future star athletes at run club. 


We will not meet if it rains, because some of us members melt in the rain. If there is inclement

weather, we will email parents by 7:15 am. 


$15 for the year. If you are a new member or you’ve had a 1-foot growth spurt in the last 6 months,

you can receive a shirt. And for all runners you will receive a roadrunner drawstring bag

later this year.


Please fill out link below for each runner.  And send in check or cash to the main office.


*Must be a current member of the PTA



Any Questions?  Please contact Brian MacCallum (