Art in the Classroom

Introduce our children to the world's great artists! Parent volunteers present over the course of the school year and at the convenience of you and the classroom teacher. Each presentation lasts about 45 minutes. Experience or knowledge of art history is NOT required. Volunteers are provided with necessary research and materials. Related art projects may accompany presentation (especially for the younger grades); suggested projects included in the PTA resources. SIGN-UP is organized BY CLASS and ARTIST by MONTH.


 Volunteer Guide



K October - Van Gogh                

K November - Degas  

K Dec/Jan - Mary Cassatt

K February - Homer

K March - Grandma Moses

K April - Monet 

K May - Kandinsky

1st Oct/Nov - Goya  

1st Dec/Jan - Miro

1st Feb/March - Ringgold

1st April/May - Sargent

2nd October - Chagall

2nd November - Cezanne

2nd Dec/Jan - Modigliani

2nd February - Stuart

2nd March - Hopper  

3rd Oct/Nov - Matisse

3rd Dec/Jan - Picasso

3rd Feb/March - Klee

3rd April/May Leonardo da Vinci

4th October - Jasper Johns

4th November - Bierstadt

4th Dec/Jan - Bearden

4th February - Velazquez  

4th March - Remington  

4th April/May - O'Keeffe  

5th Oct/Nov - Wyeth

5th Dec/Jan - Salvador Dali 

5th Feb/March - Warhol





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