Welcome to “Art in the Classroom” at Riverfield School 2023/2024!


What is Art in the Classroom? AIC is a PTA-supported program that introduces students to a broad roster of great artists and their works. It features 24 artists ranging from Van Gogh to Warhol, and from Renaissance style to Impressionism to Modernism. AIC is designed to inspire children to build a love and appreciation for art and to enjoy experimenting with different artistic expressions.

Why? Because programs like AIC are proven to help children develop a basis for visual literacy and collaborative interactions with peers while enriching their lives and the way they see the world. Everyone knows that Art is fun and AIC is a great opportunity for parents to get involved by helping kids develop an appreciation of art and explore different artistic techniques. 

How does it work? In collaboration with the teachers, parents go into the classroom to present workshop sessions discussing selected artists and leading craft projects with the children. There are four workshops per year, each featuring the most iconic work of the artist and an arts+crafts activity. It’s a terrific way to get involved and there is no requirement for any background in Art History. (Presentation material and Craft Outlines are provided in advance to parent volunteers).


How do I get started? There are four workshops throughout the year; Fall (October/November), Winter I (December/January), Winter II (February/March), and Spring (April/May).  AIC will provide a SignUpGenius link the month prior to each workshop. Once a volunteer signs up, the volunteer will reach out directly with the teacher to schedule the date and time for their AIC presentation. AIC will send an email to the volunteers with details for next steps, including the link with all the artist presentations.




Find below the SignUpGenius link for our SPRING workshop


There is 1 session per class to present an artist during April/May timeframe.

Don’t want to do it alone, that’s OK, pair up with another Parent and present together.

Once you sign up, please contact your teacher to schedule

the date and time for your AIC presentation.



Also please don't forget to fill out and bring to school the

Volunteer Waiver Form


AIC is a PTA sponsored program, so please make sure your PTA membership is current in order to volunteer.  Reminder, PTA membership is annual so if you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so.

Click Here to join/renew



We are reviewing our artists again and may make changes.  Please reach out if you have any suggestions for future artists to explore in the classrooms.  If you have any questions, please contact the AIC team at


Thank you for volunteering! The kids LOVE art!


Stephanie Wilcox Darr

Annie Serlin